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28 Sep

Are Twins Freaky? Maybe Not!

Posted in Uncategorized on 28.09.14 by Merlyn

atfmbHave you ever noticed that identical twins attract strange reactions from people? They’re often asked goofy questions, like: “How do you really know you’re you?” And some people think it’s fun to bring pairs of twins together, sometimes to stare at them like zoo specimens.

Where do people get such ideas? They exist far back in literature. And television’s good twin/evil twin dramas don’t help. Neither do its portrayals of twins as pranksters who love creating confusion.

In real life, twins rarely impersonate each other. In fact, identical twins are the exception; most twins don’t even look alike. They generally think about their twinship only when reminded of it.

Twins are simply siblings who happened to be womb-mates. It’s no more mysterious than that.

Twin Perks

Growing up as twins has its perks. A twin has a handy playmate and confidant. Twins can help each … Read the rest


25 Sep

The Reasons Why An Individual Experience IRS Problems

Posted in Uncategorized on 25.09.14 by Merlyn

trwaiThere are a lot of reasons why an individual experience IRS problems. This may be due to the failure of paying the taxes on time and in full, or it can be an error committed by the Internal Revenue Service itself. Whatever it may be, IRS problems should be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid the corresponding consequences of it. Whenever this is encountered, individuals are advised to make an appointment with the Internal Revenue Service right away. This is to ensure that all questions or concerns are addressed well and any unclear information is revealed. It is also important to bring all the necessary documents so that any missed information will be discussed right away.

However, in case if the Internal Revenue Service is difficult to contact, it can be a lot of help to approach the Taxpayer Advocate ServiceRead the rest

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20 Sep

Is Your Personal Space Being Abused?

Posted in Uncategorized on 20.09.14 by Merlyn

iypsbaMary and Steve had been dating regularly. Mary didn’t appreciate it when Sally, the head cheerleader, snuggled close to Steve and asked for his history notes.

Tom and his brother, Ernie, share a room. One day as Tom was reading a letter from his girlfriend, Ernie came over to Tom’s side of the room and made like he was reading over his brother’s shoulder.

“Get out of my face,” Tom shouted as he pushed Ernie away.

Most people need space around them to feel comfortable. The amount of space needed depends on many things, including what culture they were raised in, what relationship they have with the person who is near them, and what their own personality is like.


According to sociologist Erving Goffman, there are three types of space settings or territories: public, home, and body.

There are differences among the three territories: … Read the rest

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