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26 Jul

Public Transit Is Necessary, But Getting Worse

Posted in Issues on 26.07.15 by Merlyn

ptinThe question is no longer whether Rosa Parks can sit at the front of the bus. It’s whether she gets to ride the bus at all. Although more overt racial discrimination in public transportation has given way, inadequate transit services affect many people’s access to work, recreation and health services. And because of the high costs of owning and driving a car, private automobile transportation is often not an affordable option.

Federal policy has heavily favored automobile use, with $205 billion provided by the Highway Trust Fund for state road projects since 1956, compared to only $50 billion for mass transit over the past 30 years. Highway investments provide less direct benefit to the poor: In 1990 half of the households without access to a car earned less than $10,000 (78 percent of the households without access to a car earned less than $20,000), while … Read the rest

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23 Jul

What Time is It? Time for SLEEP!

Posted in Issues on 23.07.15 by Merlyn

remediesforsnoringWhen people say there are a lot of things out there on the market that are designed to help you stop snoring, they aren’t kidding. There are a lot of interesting and strange devices that have been developed to combat this sleep-killer. If you or someone you share your house with snores you definitely understand the disruption snoring can cause on your home.

There are a variety of reasons for snoring but the major culprit is the fact that the muscles in your mouth and throat over-relax and can cause the irritating sound. Your tongue may be too relaxed while you sleep which can cause it to fall to the back of your mouth and cut off your airway. This coupled with the muscles in your actual airway relaxing too much and loosening and you’ve got a recipe for super snoring.

If you start looking into devices to help you stop snoring you are going to come across a plethora of interesting things. There are nasal strips and cones, a strap that is designed to basically keep your mouth completely closed, a ring and a wristband. These are some of the odd-ball devices you will find along with the more streamlined and readily accepted mouthpieces that are out there.

We’re going to talk about one of the more unique devices which is the wristband. Depending on which particular brand you go with this device can vary in size but is generally the size of a modern smartphone that you strap to your wrist. There are some that are smaller, but again that depends on which particular one you purchase.

The idea behind the wristband is pretty simple: it shocks you while you sleep. That’s right, this device that you are going to willingly strap to your body is going to send small electrical shocks into your body to keep you from snoring. Different devices will track how you sleep in different ways. For example some wristbands are equipped with a small microphone and if it detects you snoring, it will shock you. Some of them are equipped with sensors that are supposed to monitor your sleeping habits and when you snore, it shocks you.

Funny thing, there are other fantastic remedies for snoring.

The shocks are not meant to be painful nor are they meant to actually wake you up. They are designed to disturb you just enough

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