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03 Aug

Insuring Yourself Is Much Easier Now

Posted in Uncategorized on 03.08.15 by Merlyn

iuimeYou may not think about insurance protection before you go skiing or participate in a team sport. But, what if you break a leg and have to go to the hospital? Are you protected against those health care costs?

If you get sick, what do you do? Where do you go? What kind of help can you find?

When you break a leg, sprain an ankle, or come down with the flu, you probably don’t think, “Can I afford to see a doctor?” That’s the question, however, that many Americans have to ask themselves. The reality is: Good health care costs money.

You may not have to pay now, but sooner or later, paying doctor bills will become your responsibility.

How much does health care really cost? Do you know? Let’s look at some facts.

Americans today like to think our health is protected. We … Read the rest

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